NDB Technologies claims to be able to encapsulate nuclear waste in solid diamond containers to create batteries that will self-recharge from the continuous breakdown of the nuclear waste and last for years - up to ninety years in a large car battery, up to nine years in a smartphone, up to infinity in small satellites. Well, actually they "only" claim 28,000 years, but that is close enough to infinity when compared with the entire lifespan of industrial civilization.

These battery cells, if they get into production without being sabotaged or being "EV-1-ed" (a.k.a. "embrace, enfold and crush" during a corporate takeover), and hold up to the claims made, will utterly disrupt our world, impacting everything from fossil-fuel production to smartphones. Coal and natural gas will simply cease to exist as energy sources; oil production will be slaughtered, falling to the level needed just for producing plastics, not for burning.

Using up otherwise-undisposible radioactive waste to produce "free" electrical energy is the stuff of dreams. I hope to hear a lot more from these folks in the near future.