Before you buy a Tesla, you should:

  • Do your research.

    • Consumer Reports has generally rated Tesla cars near the top.

    • Both US Gov’t and IHS have rated Tesla cars at the top safety rating (5 stars). In fact, the Tesla Model X broke one of the testing machines.

    • There is a lot of negativity around Tesla, which stems from two sources: The War on Tesla (see my Tesla page), and, the fact that every complaint about one person having one issue gets echoed many times by the artificial echo chamber of news-grabbing sites and social networks.

  • Check out your budget. Make sure you have enough to cover the payments and some electricity. Unlike a regular car, do not budget for service other than tires and washer fluid / wiper blades for the first two years!` Forget about oil changes forever!

  • Get a test ride or a test drive. Your local Tesla club, EV Owners club or a neighbour who has one can help.

  • When you go to buy online, be sure to use a referral code. This is a special link that gives both you and your friend a bonus; currently it is 1,500km of free supercharging. I’d be happy if you could use my referral code which would help fund this ad-free informational site.