We need to continue electrifying all modes of transport, to get rid of noise, carcinogenic fumes, pollution and climate-damaging emissions. Water craft being cleaned range from the smallest dingy with an outboard, to the overnight cabin cruiser, to the hundred foot yacht, up to commercial ferries and even oil tankers and container ships. That’s pretty much also the order they have been or will be electrified. While I’d known about Silent Yachts and a few others, I was a bit surprised by how much progress had been made recently, when I went to look at the PlugBoats "Gussies" election ballot.

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Marine Everything from jetskis and speedboats, through short-run ferry and freight, up to cruise ships will eventually be electric. Keep on top of this segment at PlugBoats.com. News and views from the Electric Boat Association. Silent Yachts' 60+ foot cruisers are all-electric, w/ generator for backup on Electrek and their home page. Newest ferry "Ellen" gets range of 40 km (22 nm) with 30 cars and 200 passengers from its 4.

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