It is immediately obvious to anyone in an industrialized society why we light our homes with electric light bulbs instead of burning lamp oil: combustion’s lung-killing emissions, its inefficiency, its risk of fire, its greater operating cost, and so on. Since every one of those vices attaches equally well to the insanely complicated gasoline engine, it should be equally obvious that we should propel our cars, motorcycles, snow machines, lawn mowers, etc., with electric motors instead of gasoline or diesel engines.

And we should also be moving towards clean, efficient electric power for short-haul trucks (up to 500 mile return trip, say?), trains (like we do our subways, but overhead), and even some ships. Longer-haul transportation will come with time.

P.S. Please don’t waste time posting a reply or comment touting the serially-debunked studies "proving" (falsely) that EVs are more polluting than gasoline cars. They’re not.