The fire in every gasoline-powered device shall indeed heat the deep, as Tennyson predicted in The Kraken Wakes. But the monster we’re awakening is not some mythical Kraken created by God at the beginning of time, but the monster of climate change created by people since the industrial revolution. Anthropogenic climate change (ACC, "global warming") is heating the oceans more quickly than the land.

But gasoline also heats up locally, very, very quickly. Consider the following:

Lac Magantic

Lac Magantic fire, killed ~50 people, destroyed most of a town

What a tanker crash looks like (trigger warning). Needless to say, the driver did not get out of that alive.

Second derailment-and-fire in Saskatchewan.

14-vehicle inferno on Highway 400 kills 3

More gasoline fires coming soon. There’s a dozen every day in the USA alone.

Each and every one of these events was funded by people who drive gasoline-powered cars. Thank you.