The 2019.40.50 software update (end of year, 2019) introduced a large number of new (some would say overdue) voice commands.

This list began with a Facebook post by Stacy Gildersleeve.

I was playing around tonight with the new voice commands
just to see what would/wouldn’t work. Here’s what I found:

Additions/comments by your obd’t servant and others, now including things that worked before the update.

While Tesla’s current voice commands are not at the level of Siri/Alexa/GoogAh, there is some flexibility, e.g., "turn wipers off" or "turn off wipers" are interchangeable.

Note "Last updated" date at the bottom of the page.

Voice commands that work:

  • Navigate to home/work/name of place

  • Lock/unlock doors

  • Turn on/off/pause music

  • Play name of song, station, etc.

  • Lock/unlock windows

  • Dome lights on/off

  • Show energy graph

  • Glovebox (all I needed to say)

  • Open/show/close menu (quick controls)

  • Turn on steering wheel (even Model 3…​?) # refers to steering wheel heater, Model 3s don’t have

  • Show navigation/map

  • Show/change charging

  • Turn off/on wipers 1/2/3/4/auto - also set wipers …​

  • Show odometer

  • Show owner’s manual

  • Turn on recirc, turn off recirculation

  • Turn on/off dog/camp mode

  • Driver/passenger/front/rear seat heaters on/off

  • Show superchargers

  • Turn on/off rear defroster

  • Show/Hide rear camera

I assume that for every "show" there is a corresponding "hide", but haven’t tried them all.

Voice commands that work given phone permissions

  • Call Robin

  • Send a text to Robin

With permissions, you can also have a text read to you by clicking the right scroll wheel, and reply to it by clicking again.

Voice commands recognized but “not available yet”:

  • Open Frunk/Trunk

  • Turn on Headlights

  • Turn on Fog Lights

  • Turn on Hazard Lights

  • Unlock Charge Port

  • Open Garage Door

  • Turn up/down Volume

Voice commands “not understood”:

  • Display speed in kilometers/miles per hour

  • Enable free Supercharging (this one should trigger an easter egg!)

"Unclear voice commands"

  • Turn on/off High Beams

Misunderstood commands (did different than commanded):

  • Vent windows → windows locked

  • Turn on steering wheel lights → Dome lights on

  • Recline front seat → Front seat heaters, Seat heaters decreased (did not function)

  • Exterior lights on → Dome lights on

  • Unlock Drivers door → Windows unlocked

Requires Autopilot or FSD

  • Let’s go home!